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Hip rotation in children who 'W' sit. A Pilot study
Abnormal sitting positions in children


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'W' sitting - Pilot study
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Hip rotation in children who 'W' sit. A Pilot study

Following  the initial paper on "abnormal sitting positions in children" data were collected  from  26 children who had previously attended  Beecroft Village Podiatry Clinic. Subject were assessed by the same podiatrist, the author, who has over 30 years experience. Subjects had attended the clinic for various reasons and had a full biomechanical examination performed. The subjects were not asked if they 'W' sat until after all measurements were completed. Therefore the examiner was not aware of any abnormal sitting position until the examination was completed.

Abnormal sitting positions in children

The effects of abnormal sitting and sleeping positions on young children
Dr Anthony Duffin
(PhD in Biostructural Research)
Children spend a lot of time playing inside, watching television, playing with computer games and a myriad of other toys that are easier to enjoy if they are able to utilise a floor space directly in front of them. They commonly frog sit or sit on their feet so they can play without reaching over their legs and feet.
They have greater flexibility than adults and can comfortably sit in these positions for extended periods, but both postures can interfere with the natural development of the bones in the leg and thigh.
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